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Royal Hill Rosé

Our Rosé selection is designed for sun, sea, and carefreeness. They are distinguished by a beautiful pale color, a taste of berries, and freshness perfect for warm summer days.

But these are not just wines for beach bars, but also for serious culinary adventures. The Rosé made from Cabernet Sauvignon won 91 points at the Wine Stars competition and a bronze medal at the Decanter, further confirming its place among the most attractive Croatian examples of Provence rosé. It is dry, fruity-herbal, extremely fresh, and gastronomically versatile. The wine’s author is Matija Lesković, who earned a Ph.D. in oenology in South Africa and gained experience working in some of the world’s largest wineries.

The Decanter jury described it as a wine:Pale orange in colour with lowish acidity, a little spritz in the mouth and a modest finish. Drink soon.

Pink summer

In our pink paradise, we offer a serious selection of premium rosé wines and sparkling wines, with Rosé Brut de Pinot Noir considered one of the most charming Charmat sparkling wines on the Croatian market.

This summer, immerse yourself in the refreshing combination of liveliness and elegance of our sparkling wine.

Nicely chilled, Rosé Brut de Pinot Noir is an elegant refreshment for sunny and warm summer days, with its crisp flavor and excellent balance of acidity and sugar. It pairs perfectly with lighter summer dishes such as risottos and white fish dishes.

For All Occasions

Rosé Brut de Pinot Noir can be compared to a summer hit as it works equally well at the pool, tennis courts, restaurants, and nightclubs. It delights with its crisp taste, aroma of berries, and fine persistent bubbles. What does refreshment mean to you? 

For us, it’s enjoying a poolside moment with a perfectly chilled and seductive Rosé Brut de Pinot Noir

When the love for tennis combines with our lively sparkling wine, an incredible combination arises that celebrates the beauty of the game and the joy of every success. Whether it’s about sports or enjoying by the poolside, Rosé Brut de Pinot Noir is an elegant refreshment for everyone’s palate. It carries fine and persistent pearls, dominated by fresh strawberries and raspberries with a refreshing touch of lemon zest.



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Royal Hill

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